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Come Up Here

The place of Israel in God’s prophetic calendar is clearly outlined in both its historical and contemporary contexts, as well as that of the church. The key players in the end-time drama are those same nations that are making all the headlines today, particularly those in the Middle East. This is where the drama of redemption began, and that is where it is all bound to end.

This book provides a convenient checklist against major world events rocking our planet today. Hence, it provides a convenient signpost to indicate the time of day we live in as far as God’s end-time redemption program is concerned.

It is also a call to sober reflection by all who call themselves believers in Jesus Christ to do an ongoing self-evaluation to make sure their walk with the Lord is on track and to avoid any potential surprises and disappointments in the end. It provides a motivation to get busy with the assignment the Lord left his people in evangelizing and disciplining the world.

It is a book of hope for the weary believer who is often tempted to give up when they realize that the coming of the Lord is sooner than any of us can imagine. It also points the weary seeker to the Lord of salvation who alone is able to give rest to the soul of man.


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Eternal Nuggets

Eternal Nuggets is a believer’s guide to successful Christian living. You will learn about the person and ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ and how to apply the scriptures to every facet of your Christian experience so that the days of defeated Christian living will be a thing of the past. You will learn vital Bible truths that will enhance your health, relationships, and finances. More importantly, you will learn the powerful destiny-changing declarations you need to pray in order to discover and walk in your God-given destiny. In a nutshell, it teaches you how to cooperate with God so as to receive his very best for your life in time and eternity. The truths in this book will literally guarantee you heaven on earth.


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Destination Heaven

This book is a guide and a signpost to the believers to get them safely to heaven. It outlines the simple plan of salvation that God has provided for all humankind through the substitutionary death and resurrection of his only Son, Jesus Christ, to be received by grace through faith alone. It also serves as an eye-opener to the subtle devices and distractions the enemy uses to lure believers away from their walk with the Lord, often assuming that all is well when, in fact, the truth may be different. It seeks to draw believers’ attention to the many warnings and admonitions in the scriptures, which we must do well to heed. Many of these have to do with relational and moral issues, which believers might think are unimportant but which the Lord goes to great lengths to warn against. It is far from a call for a return to the Old Testament law, which had been fulfilled by the Lord Jesus, but it is rather a greater dependence on him and his Holy Spirit in our daily lives.

It rightly amplifies the truth that the outworking of our imputed righteousness is better reflected in our relationships with people and our love for others. That is the hallmark of both discipleship and spiritual maturity. In that sense, it is a discipleship book. But more than that, it should appeal to others who have not made a commitment to the yet, showing them the way of salvation and the love that God has for all mankind.

If anyone commits to follow the truths outlined in this book, Destination Heaven is not just a possibility but a reality. You may find the admonitions for a periodic self-examination of your walk with the Lord particularly useful, as we, all need that kind of self-reflection in every facet of life.


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